8 Of The Best Style Improvements

8 Of The Best Style Improvements

The following comes from The Idle Man:

Everyone loves a fresh new look. You feel stylish, confident and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. But sometimes your bank account has different thoughts. You may be low on cash, but if you want to improve your style on a budget, we’ve come up with a few things you can do. Because you never know, what you’re looking for may already be in your wardrobe, you just don’t know it yet.

So, here are some very helpful (and random) ways in which you can improve your style. Whether it’s your posture or grooming routine you need to change, or if a few items in your wardrobe need updating, we’ve got you sorted. Knowing how to revamp your look doesn’t just have to be with new clothes – it’s a lifestyle change as well. Your attitude and way of life can actually come into it a lot.

Sort Out Your Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, so you need to make sure you have the right pair, or pairs, in your wardrobe. Think of this as an investment, so even if you have to fork out more than you want, the pair will last you longer than if you go out and buy a cheaper pair. First of all, if you need to upgrade your old tatty pairs of jeans with a fresh new style then this bit involves a bit of cash. The Idle Man however can sort you out. Our quality own brand jeans are worth the investment, and they won’t completely scare your bank account either. Whether you’re a dad jean guy or more of a skinny fit man, we’ve got a denim edit that’ll cater to all shapes and sizes.

So, now what do you do with your old pairs? You can’t just leave them lying about taking up space, but you also feel bad throwing them out. But, we have a solution. If you want to know how to improve your wardrobe with minimal cash then why not make yourself some denim shorts. Yes, we said make, but we’re not telling you to start from scratch. Take your old jeans and cut them into some distressed looking shorts. Measure the length and go from there – this way you have a pair of shorts that are the length you feel comfortable in and you don’t have to buy a new pair.

Cuff Your Trousers

A fairly simple tip, but also very effective. This is one of the few cheap ways to improve your style and it doesn’t even involve buying a needle and thread. You’re sure to have old pairs of trousers in your wardrobe that you don’t wear often – you save them for weddings and what not, but why not get them out and wear them on a day to day basis? Because you don’t always have to wear jeans, you know. Dig out the trousers and turn up the bottoms. It’s as easy as that. Make sure you have a good pair of socks on and no ankle showing, wear some stylish smart casual shoes and you’ll be jumping on the trouser trend in no time. You can even go ahead and wear trainers with your look. Here at The Idle Man we love a pair of trousers and sometimes even prefer them to jeans (just don’t tell Levi’s or Nudie).

Update Your Laces

We don’t mean you need to go for new bright colours – a simple, fresh white set on your white trainers will instantly make the shoes look as good as new. People seem to forget that a clean pair of shoes can easily update your look. Walking around in old, dirty shoes isn’t ideal and isn’t a style tip we’d recommend, so get those trainers in the washing machine and buy yourself a fresh pair of laces – an instant way to improve your style without having to put that much effort in. While we’re on the subject of shoes, your trainers may be clean, but are your formal shoes? A polished, shiny pair of formal shoes instantly makes you look smarter and like you’ve got a new pair on your feet, even if you’ve had them for years.

Learn To Sew

Yes, I can see the eye roll already. But don’t just assume sewing’s for girls. It’s 2018, and everyone should know a simple skill like this. We’re not saying you need to know how to make your own suit or shirt, but it’s worth knowing a few easy sewing skills. This is a great way to add budget style improvements to some of your looks, so why wouldn’t you want to pick up a needle and thread occasionally. Even if it’s just replacing buttons that have fallen off or changing the ones you feel are dated and need a new lease of life, it’s a simple way to switch it up. Plus, this shows that you have good fashion sense as you know when you need an update.

A little effort never hurt anyone, so adding some extra detail to your look with a needle and thread will give you a quick style update. Whether it’s just the buttons or you’ve found some cool embroidered badges to sew onto a denim jacket, you can add some personality to your look. As well as adding things, you can take away pieces. Get rid of the annoying clasp or (neatly) cut away the collar. Finish off the remaining edge with a line of stitching and you’ll have a jacket or shirt that’s got a whole new look.

Layer Up

This is something we love doing. And do you want to know why we love it so much? Well, it can give you a different look each time you leave the house. You can create a number of looks with a few T-shirts, jumpers and jackets, because if you wear them with different things each time, you’re obviously going to have a new outfit variation. No matter the season, there’s always a way to include the layering technique into your look. If it’s summer then a plain tee and light shirt works, if it’s autumn go for a jumper over a shirt. If the cold weather’s drawing in then a T-shirt, jumper and a jacket will keep you warm. So, you may only have a few things in your wardrobe, but if you have the right things (neutral and complementary colours work well) then you can create outfits to suit each day and season.


This is a mind adjustment rather than something you can just purchase. It may sound so simple but it can make so much difference. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you, so if you’re out there feeling good and confident in yourself, it will show on the outside. Confidence is key, and although it may not exactly be style advice, it’s advice that we would give every guy. Just don’t be too cocky and you’ll own your look.

Steal Your Dads Jumpers

Encouraging theft isn’t what we’re about (obviously), but when it’s kept in the family and with things that your Dad doesn’t wear anymore then it’s acceptable. The words ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ are thrown around all over the place, so having a rummage through a family member’s wardrobe could bag you some cool things. Oversized jumpers, old polos and sweatshirts they don’t wear anymore will all create a new look for you. Things come back into fashion, so there’s no point ruling anything out. Your Dad, Granddad and Uncle have all been there – short on new clothes, not wanting to shop – so why not take advantage of their past sprees and see what they’ve got on offer. You never know, they could be hiding some good stuff.

Trimming is Key

Not technically a ‘style’ improvement either but it will make your look a whole lot better. Your facial hair is important and every Idle guy here knows that keeping your beard, moustache and hairstyle trimmed and up to date is needed. A weekly or fortnightly trip to the barbers will keep you looking smart and slick, plus shaving your facial hair at home is a male must. Even if the hair’s only grown a little, keeping them tamed won’t go unnoticed. For this, all you need is a good shaving kit and routine. Think about the pre-shave, the shave and post-shave. Each step needs to be done well in order for you to have a stylish looking face, so getting your hands on some creams and new razors is a good idea.

8 of the Best Style Improvements

  • Improving your style doesn’t have to break the bank, there are a few cheap ways to revamp your look.
  • How to improve your fashion is easy when you have family members that are hiding their old treasures.
  • Knowing how to change your wardrobe is a lesson every man should learn, it’s simple and easy.
  • Confidence is also key, stand up tall and own whatever you’re wearing.

On That Note

The effort you put in to your style and appearance can give you a whole new lease of life. So, if you fancy a fresh start, want to get some attention from the girls or are simply bored of your everyday look, there are simple ways to update and improve your style without having to actually change it. Here at The Idle Man, we live our lives through style tips and new clothes, but sometimes you need to give your bank account a break and keep things old school. These tips are quick and easy, so you’ll be able to update your look in no time.

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