How To Dress For Your Height

How To Dress For Your Height

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How to Look Taller for Men

A lot of problems that short guys tend to have is how to appear taller than they actually are. It’s all to do with illusion and tricking the eye into thinking that you’re taller. This may sound like a bit of a stretch, but once you’ve got a few things down, it’ll become easier and easier.

Wear Accessories Higher Up

If you’re a man who likes to accessories his outfit then this is the section for you. If you’re on the shorter side of life then wearing your accessories higher up on your body will, again, draw the eye upwards towards the top of your body, giving the illusion that you’re taller than you are.

For instance, keep jewellery to a minimum, wear a ring or a necklace, but make sure that they’re quite thin in structure, as a thick, heavy piece of jewellery could drown you and become too overpowering on your outfit.

If you’re more of a dandy and like to accessorise a little more than a simple piece of jewellery, then wearing your accessories higher up will really give you an advantage point when it comes to looking taller than you are. For instance, wearing a hat, such as a fedora or flat cap, and a pocket square will give that small illusion that you’re taller.

Go For Slimmer Fits

This is a pretty important aspect of appearing taller. Opting for slimmer fits over baggier, loose-fitting shapes will instantly make you appear taller as your clothes will stick to your frame and give off the illusion that your outfit isn’t swamping you.

The moment you put on a baggy or loose fitting item of clothing, you instantly look smaller. Think of the 90’s hip-hop scene when the likes of Ice Cube and Tupac would wear oversized clothing – it instantly shortened their appearance, and we want to avoid this.

Avoid Loud Prints and Colours

This is something that I’d suggest for men of every height, as overly loud prints and colours can date your wardrobe very quickly and unless you get the patterning right it can look all over the place. However, if you’re shorter than the average then loud prints and colours can really draw attention to your height. When someone is looking at you, their eye will be instantly drawn to your clothes because of the colour and print and in turn, noticing your height.

Now I’m not saying that you should blend into the background so no-one notices you, but sticking to a more neutral palette will really help if you’re trying to appear taller. Tonal dressing is perfect for those who want to appear taller as keeping the same colour palette throughout your whole look will make the eye see you as a whole, rather than in separate pieces, i.e. T-shirt, trousers, jacket etc.

Roll Up Your Trousers or Jeans

This may seem like an unusual thing to do, especially when I’ve said to go for more fitted pieces of clothing. However, rolling the bottoms of your trousers really helps give the illusion that you’re taller than you are. This is because it makes the leg look longer and slimmer both at the same time. I know some of you are thinking, rolling up your trousers is a massive no go when it comes to style (most of the time), but if you want to appear taller then this is the way forward.

Rolling up your trousers or jeans has become something of long-lasting trend within the menswear world. Everyone from David Beckham to Ryan Reynolds has been caught rolling up their trousers or jeans from time to time!

How to Look Taller

Being short can be a real pain the arse when it comes to trying to make yourself look taller. Certain items of clothing are just not going to work for you if your short. For example; dungarees. Is he a big child or a really small man? Exactly. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out.

Suits for Short Men

When buying a suit, it’s important to know that the fit of your suit is the most important factor. The fit determines how you feel and how people will see you in the suit, so make sure that it fits like a glove. Again, if the suit swamps you, then you instantly look smaller, and this is something we want to avoid.

Now, your suit shouldn’t be too tight, you should be able to move freely in it without restriction, but making sure the shoulder seams sit directly on your shoulder blade and the sleeves finished just on your wrist bone is key. You should be able to button up the jacket without seeing the dreaded ‘X’ indented into the jacket, as this is a sign that the jacket is too small.

To keep the illusion of height, you’ll want to make sure that the bottoms of your trousers sit no lower than your ankle bone. This allows you to show a little bit of sock, and so that the trousers sit perfectly on your shoes. The good thing about tailoring is that you can get the bottoms of your trousers altered to the perfect size, meaning there’s no excuse for you having bottoms that are touching the floor.

How to Dress for Your Height

  • Slimmer fitted garments will make you appear taller, you don’t want to swamp yourself with fabric then don’t go for overly baggy pieces.
  • Roll up your trousers or jeans so there’s a small gap between your shoe and trouser leg. This makes it look like your taller than your trousers.
  • Avoid loud prints and colours, you want to focus your outfit on something more tonal. All black or all brown outfits flow throughout your body.
  • Wear accessories higher up on your body, hats and jewellery will create attention to the top half of your body and not at how small you are.
  • Make sure that your suit fits you perfectly. Not too big and not too small, keep your trouser legs just about the shoe and if they’re too long you can easily have them altered.

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